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Dead Weight Pulling  Garden Tractor Pulling


1. Contest open to any standard factory garden tractor manufactured from 1975 and before with rubber tires
2. This will be a weight class pull. No four wheel drive or hydrostatic drive. Gear shift only.
3. Draw bar no higher than 12 inches.
4. No duals or chains on tires, no jerking, must start pull from a tight chain.
5. Bouncing on seat is allowed, if chain gets slack and jerks, pull will be stopped.
6. One driver per tractor, for safety of driver. Wheelie bars should be used,
7. Judges have the right to stop a pull if it looks to unsafe. Have Fun!
CLASSES:  400# - 5 to12 years old
                  600# - 5 to18 years old
                  800# - 5 to100 years old
WEIGH-IN: 12:00 to 1:00 p.m. 
ENTRY FEE:  $5.00
INFO: Contact Timothy Barancik at 517-845-7550